Our story

Everyone has a special place.



An initiative of Lifelong Media, The Polka Dot Project has been established to build a community of loving, caring individuals centered around the inclusion, acceptance and understanding of people with special needs. We hope to help erase the stigma attached to the “special needs.” population— to help people build compassion and understanding for each other, regardless of their differences.


  • Our primary mission is to teach people of all ages to see beyond a person's disability and celebrate the human being within. Everyone has something good to offer, regardless of ability that can be a valuable contribution to better the family, the community, the the country–the world.


  • Our secondary mission is to provide material assistance to families with special needs members. Help with things such as making vehicles wheelchair-friendly, home improvements for disability accessibility, medical supplies, and more. 


Fourteen years ago, I gave birth to my third son, Chazz Bethea who came sixteen weeks early, born at just twenty-four weeks gestation. He suffered low oxygen flow in utero, in addition to a massive brain hemorrhage on this third day of life. Little did I know that my "miracle baby", born at just 1 pound, 9 ounces with an Apgar score of -2, would inspire my family to feelings of love and acceptance beyond anything that we could have ever imagined.

My beautiful friend and colleague, Lisa King also had a similar experience–fourteen years ago she gave birth to her son Jaden who suffered a severe lack of oxygen to his brain, which has left him both developmentally and physically disabled. However, Lisa often relates how Jaden brings so much joy and humor to her family; they never dreamed that from such a negative experience would come someone just so wonderful!

Together, Lisa and I decided to build this platform for special needs people and their families to show love, support, compassion and understanding to this most precious part of our population. We've decided to ditch the pain and the blatant injustices that our children endured. We've chosen to look for and embrace the good.

We want to pay it forward and shine a bright light on the beauty of humanity, respecting the gift of life and gently reminding people everywhere that everyone a special place.


Amelia Bethea
Co-Founder, Executive Director & Loving Mother

The best things in life are free. Family, friends, smiles, hugs, kisses, nature, oxygen, love, sleep and good memories ...