Paying it forward

Chazzy's Closet


Most of us want to feel like our lives mean something – that we’re making a positive difference in the world. One of our core values is compassion–and that is why we are starting our initiative, Chazzy's Closet.

We realize that it’s impossible to live a stable life without a home, or a home or that is in desperate need of repair, or of becoming handicap-friendly. We also realize that it is challenging for families who may be lacking medical supplies, or in need of transportation, or a vehicle that is wheel-chair accessible.  Many families have hard-working parents at the core who are struggling with rising housing costs, doctors bills, and many are single-parent families struggling with the same. 

We strive to exercise compassion and work from a spirit and attitude of giving. With Chazzy's Closet, we will be able to fulfill these needs. We make great strides to make a difference and change reality for those in need within our community.

We value activities where we can connect with the people in our community. When we’ve touched someone’s life in a positive way, a bonding experience occurs. The lasting benefit can inspire that person to do something good for someone else. And the cycle continues ... to pay it forward.

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What's inside of Chazzy's Closet?  Support this initiative as we work diligently to pay it forward and help the next person or family in need.

If you want more kindness in the world, put it there.
— Ricky L. More